Which of These 3 Issues is The Most Important To You?

Back in 2015 the very successful story curator UPWORTHY asked it’s quite large audience this very important question.

“…we asked you what you felt were the most important topics: the big issues of our day that deserve more focus and attention than they generally receive in the media.”

They then narrowed down the responses to three.  Just three.  This list was made a couple of years ago and the world feels like a very different place now. Do you agree that these are still the three most important issues? I wonder which one of the three you guys think is the most important in today’s climate?  Let’s try and narrow it down from three to one and identify if there’s another issue you think should be in the mix.  Please tweet or post in the comments below which one resonates most with you or what else should be added.


#1 Climate Change and Clean Energy

Topic 1

#2 Income Inequality and Poverty

Topic 2


#3 Human Rights

Topic 3


Do you think there are issues more important now that than these three? What are they? Post below…. (If you’re viewing this from my main feed click on the title to access the comments section.

Written by Ryan Hodgson