A gift from my daughter

For those parents out there you will know the amazing feeling that I’m about to explain, for those yet to experience parenthood you really are in for a treat. I love being a dad. I always felt like it was something I would enjoy and so was looking forward to it, but despite positive expectations of the experience, I had no idea just how wonderful it would be. My wife bought me the best gift for fathers day, she got me a small drill press.

Happy Girl

On Friday night my daughter Jemma gave me a gift that touched me about as deep as I have ever been touched in my life. It sounds like such a simple thing, but she fell asleep by nestling into my shoulder as I held her upright. Now to explain to the non-parents out there, for over four and a half months I’ve cradled Jemma to sleep at least once if not twice a day, so putting her to sleep is no big deal. The difference here is that it was the first time she voluntarily rested her head, found a comfy spot and decided to fall asleep on my shoulder.

Sleepy Girl

We were sitting at the Twisp River Pub in the Methow Valley having dinner with my mother-in-law, the evening sunlight was streaming through the trees along the river flowing below us and it was a beautiful scene. Jemma was in great spirits, had been flashing her gorgeous smile at anyone who would look at her and basically had worn herself out. I felt her rub her face into my shoulder as she does when she feels sleepy, but instead of fussing she put her head down and closed her eyes. Such a simple thing, but to me it was utterly beautiful and tears welled in my eyes as I watched her sleeping on my shoulder… it was the moment so far where I have most felt like a dad and I will remember it forever.

Happy Dad

Written by Ryan Hodgson