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Ryanintheus LLC is led by CEO and head strategist Ryan Hodgson.  Ryan has an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for the nexus of business strategy and vertically integrated marketing communications. He has built and led teams, which have been up to 55 people, that have delivered successful partnerships with globally recognized brands such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, The Project Management Institute, HTC, Verizon Wireless, SAP, Sotheby’s International Realty, Ricoh and the University of Washington. In 2017 he was named the 20th most retweeted marketer in the world and has since also become a travel and outdoors influencer with paid engagements in 6 countries and across the US, working with such brands as Virgin Atlantic, Alaska Airlines and Eddie Bauer, amassing a total online following of 250,000+ people. 

Most recently Ryan worked as the head of marketing at the travel startup Steller, where he built an ambassador program and ran influencer campaigns for tourism organizations that included world-famous athletes representing brands like RedBull and Addidas, and content creators representing NatGeo and Sony Alpha. 

At Ryanintheus LLC, Ryan curates the right team for your business, selecting from his large network of experienced business professionals, leading marketers, influencers and content creators to provide the following services.

  • Business Strategy

    • Strategic Planning
    • Leadership Development
    • Structure Design
    • Culture Management

    Vertically Integrated Marketing Strategy

    • Integrated and Content Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Strategy and Development
    • Web and Analytics Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Paid Media Strategy

    Influencer Marketing

    • Influencer Strategy
    • Influencer Identification, Engagement, and Management
    • Content amplification through Paid Social 
    • Full Performance Reporting

    Social Media Training (click here for more information)

    • Executive Social Media Training
    • Employee Social Media Training

“He’s recognized as a top marketing influencer nationally. He knows more about integrated marketing than most CMOs I’d argue… He intimately understands all aspects of integrated marketing and understands the interplay between owned, earned and paid media and how to leverage each channel to deliver marketing results.”

“Ryan is both a highly-visible social influencer and the quintessential digital marketing leader. His formula for integrated strategy begins with good, relevant content, sprinkled across the right channels to reach the right audience, then layered on top of data and analytics to determine the optimal paths to business results. He keeps up with the latest trends in digital marketing and is well versed in all channels from organic social, to programmatic display, to SEM. His integrated marketing vision combined with his devotion to building and nurturing the right teams to meet business needs is what makes him an integral part of any marketing leadership.”

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