The Ultimate Olympic Peninsula Road Trip

Every now and then life throws you an opportunity too good to pass up and this one included one of my favorite places, the Olympic Peninsula!

Olympic Peninsula + Peace Vans

The opportunity was to drive around the majestic Olympic Peninsula in a Peace Vans Rentals van, and create wonderful memories with my beautiful daughter that will last with us for the rest of our lives. Yes I agreed to that, I did.  Not such a bug surprise really. But the first bonus was that not only did Jem and I have an amazing time and create incredible memories, we were also lucky enough to have our best friend Travis Wals tag along to shoot this incredible video for us.  Which leads me to the second bonus which is not only did we create memories but we were able to record and enjoy them anytime we like!

Van Life

The one thing that I took away from this trip was how much I love driving vans! About 12 years ago, before I moved to the USA I was an executive at an advertising company in Australia.  I was burnt out, run down and unhappy with my life. I decided to spend a month traveling through Tibet and while on that trip it occurred to me that I needed to change my life. When I returned I sold everything.  I quit my job and bought a van and drove around two thirds of Australia. I finally landed in the paradise known as Byron Bay, where I lived for a year and a half.  Sometimes I lived out of my van for weeks at a time. I was exploring the east coast and having adventure after adventure. Life was simple. It was slow. It was #vanlife!

Road Tripping

This trip to Washington’s amazing coast reminded of that time.  Being lucky enough to have the Peace Vans van for the trip made a huge difference. Immediately upon getting behind the wheel I slipped into chill mode. No road rage, I just cruised around without a care in the world. What could be better than doing that in such a stunning area like the Olympic Peninsula? Jem and I enjoyed how easy it was to set up camp and get rolling again in the morning and Jem was pretty pumped about sleeping up in the top section of the van too. The four day, three night trip was a perfect long weekend from Seattle. The fact that we did it in the van rather than my car just added another great element to the experience.

We hope you enjoy this little video which briefly showcases the beauty of the area we explored. For more information on how you too can experience an awesome road trip like this, check out

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    Written by Ryan Hodgson