An Unwelcome Surprise – No More Spring in My Creek!

This morning I awoke ready to go to work and continue to kick butt for a company I really like, but unfortunately for myself and about 16 other Spring Creek Group employees we have no job to go to.

Yesterday was a sad day for everyone at Spring Creek Group (SCG) as more than a third of it’s team were let go by it’s parent company due to a need to cut expenditure.  It was a surreal experience to get that tap on the shoulder and to lose a job I loved in an instant.  Clearly, due to the calibre of my colleagues who also lost their jobs, this was not based on performance, this was a straight up corporate cost cutting exercise, which I understand.  Business is business as we all know, you just can’t take this kind of a decision personally, so I bare no hard feelings to anyone or any company involved in this situation.

But I’m really disappointed, personally I feel like after 5 months with SCG I was just hitting my straps, I was growing my existing relationships with clients and building new ones with great potential, I was learning from the great team at SCG, and I was pumped for the next six months.

Instead, I’m sitting here this morning contemplating my future, wondering if I’ll go back to working independently, or if I’ll choose to try seek out another agency role, or if I’ll join a company/nonprofit and work direct.  Time will answer that question, but in the meantime I’d like to thank everyone at SCG and the IPG family, as well as my awesome clients, for a five months of learning, laughing and winning together.  To the senior management at SCG, you guys rock, keep up the great work, it’s been a privilege to work with you.  To my little team, continue to kick ass ladies, you are both a class act!  Lastly to those who also lost their jobs, you guys are a really talented group of people who I’m sure will be employed in no time, but I know “good luck” won’t go astray.

Should anyone be interested in discussing opportunities, please contact me through my LinkedIn by clicking here.

Written by Ryan Hodgson