20th Most Retweeted Marketer in The World


It’s not every day that it’s announced that you are the 20th most retweeted marketer in the world. Yesterday was one of those days!

Top 100 Marketers on Twitter in the World

A study by BUZZSUMO analyzed 11,000 influencers, then ranked them by an algorithm. That algorithm included 16 different influence metrics including retweets, Twitter lists, Google PageRank, Moz’s website domain authority and page authority. From these data points they were able to determine who in fact where true marketing professionals.  They then narrowed the list down to the 100 most retweeted marketers.

Top 20 Marketer

I’m very humbled to crack the top 20, but this was absolutely no overnight success. I’ve been working on building my Twitter audience since 2009 when I created my account to promote a nonprofit I had founded at the time.  Over the years I’ve had wonderful opportunities to get connected to some of the top global social influencers.  I was once fortunate enough to co-author a Huffington Post article with former Forbes #1 Influencer in the world Sean Gardner.  I’ve now tweeted 21,600 times and built an audience of over 173K with 60% of that audience interested in marketing.  All while holding down senior executive roles at global marketing agencies until recently when I created Ryanintheus LLC.

How to Become an Influencer

Over the years I’ve had many great opportunities in the marketing and social media space. I’ve led social media for a brand with 20M followers and befriended, worked with and learned from most of the top 100 social influencers in the world. I’ve traveled on influencer trips to London and very soon to Mexico. So I’ve learned a thing or two about how to become an influencer.

A couple of years ago I put these learnings together and I developed two great trainings. The first is an Executive Social Media Coaching which equips time poor executives (CEO’s, CMO’s, VP’s etc) and their teams with the knowhow and the tools to become influencers in their space.  The training focuses on Twitter and LinkedIn, my clients have included senior Microsoft executives and Verizon Wireless Managers across the US.  The second training is for anyone who wants to be a an influencer. It includes Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.  I’ve completed this training with Olympians, Actors, Bands, News Reporters and other celebrities.

For more information about my social media trainings or Ryanintheus LLC‘s Marketing and Influencer Services please contact me below.

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    Written by Ryan Hodgson