#SeaSocialMen – The Seattle Social Media Man can now stand tall!

For some time I have attended tweet-ups and other social events and seen gangs of fashionable, knowledgeable and connected gals laughing and giggling their way around venues.  With a glass of wine (or champagne) in hand and adorned in the latest fashions, they have flaunted their friendships in front of us men as we stand, shoulders slumped, waiting in one’s and two’s for them to show us some attention.  Secretly we want to join their gang, share in their sisterhood and have seemingly endless Twitter conversations about the latest goings ons.  Recently I risked life and limb and went undercover to try and work out how this secretive, yet very public tribe became so strong!

Never fear men I have succeeded and come up with the ultimate answer for you… #SeaSocialMen!  A hash-tag full of brotherly love, where we males, the social media minority, can band together and talk about sport, the latest gadgets, and dare-I-say-it, the half yearly Nordstrom sale.  Just like those women we too can meet at social events and actually know each other!  Never again will we stand like cardboard cutouts on the fringes of a tweet-up!  We will roam like a pack of beer holding, one man wolf packs, openly discussing the latest Twitter strategies, just like we know what we are talking about!  No longer will we be one man amongst many women like the clown below, always the odd man out… even if it is for a good reason…

Even better we can get together once a month at a bar, eat fries, drink beer and talk about whether TJ or CW should be QB and not have to explain who we are talking about.  The Seattle Social Media Man can rise, unite and stand proud!  If you’re a good man who uses social media in Seattle, lonely and wanting to join the brotherhood, please send a request to join our Facebook Group.  If you’d like to follow said men on Twitter, you can do so by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: While the writer of this blog endorses the above content, he in no way wants to propagate sexual discrimination.  He is merely attempting to fire up the meek, mild, outnumbered and horribly socially inept men who inhabit the dark corners of the social media world in Seattle, and motivate them to actually create some kind of social dialogue amongst themselves.  He pays homage to the social media mavens who have paved the way for the #SeaSocialMen to follow, such social mavens as @JessEstrada @jaymeedoll @knitpurl @alixrose @MollieinSeattle @anisaleyla @kellyhclay @girlandcoconut @jennimacdonald @elise81 @emilybratkovich @keridwyn @nicoleshema @carissang etc etc.


Written by Ryan Hodgson