Playa Las Tortugas – Your Dream Mexican Getaway

In December I had the good fortune to head down to an amazing destination in Mexico called Playa Las Tortugas.  It’s about 2.5 hours drive north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s relatively remote in that it’s not near a big town, in fact the first time you go there you will swear the driver is lost. But don’t be fooled by the gravel road and marsh lands that you see on the way in.  Playa Las Tortugas is remote, but it is paradise, mark my words.

Playa Las Tortugas Facts and Tips

  • There are 19 privately owned villas available for rent.  Each one nestled inside a beautiful beachfront palm plantation
  • That palm plantation runs straight onto a pristine white sand beach that goes for miles and there’s no one on it!
  • The beach has a small swell you can surf or body-surf and the water temperature is like bath water. You can stay in all day
  • The complex has two public pools, one of which is a lap pool
  • There is turtle hatchery right next door so during hatching season you can release baby turtles on the beach almost every night
  • There is an incredible estuary bristling with bird life that you can paddle board though. I highly recommend doing this
  • My favorite thing to do there though is to take a horseback ride on the beach.  The Cowboy who will take you is both the real deal and a really fun person to chat with on the ride
  • You can have a maid cook all your meals in your villa for you every day. This is optional but do it, the food is yummy and you deserve a break from cooking
  • Grab an in-room massage and really take a chill pill
  • There are literally no places nearby to buy any food or alcohol so have your driver stop at a super market as you leave Puerto Vallarta and stock up for your stay

Sounds pretty great huh? To show it off I invited my friend and fellow photographer Jess to join me as a model in this shoot which was a really fun new thing for me. The video was shot by Travis Wals and edited by Mark Parrott Films.

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    Written by Ryan Hodgson